Vote against Corbyn’s Garden Tax

If elected, I promise to vote against any garden tax being introduced in a Jeremy Corbyn government. If he becomes Prime Minister, as some polls are suggesting, Darlington will need a strong voice standing up for it.

Corbyn’s ‘Garden Tax’ is set to hit the average homeowner across the UK with a council tax bill of £3,837, an increase of 224% (Conservatives, 2 June 2017, link). Here in Darlington the local Labour council has increased council tax already by 14% since 2010, three times faster than the average increase across the UK (, 9 February 2017, link).

That means the council tax rise because of Corbyn’s Garden Tax that we would expect in Darlington will be even higher. Don’t risk it – vote for Theresa May on Thursday.


Why is Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate supporting this?

Jeremy Corbyn has a £58 billion black hole in his spending plans, and he has to find the money from somewhere (Daily Express, 17 May 2017, link).

The Labour manifesto makes expensive commitments like nationalising major private companies in an attempt to return Britain to the 1970s at a huge cost to the taxpayer.

To avoid your council tax bill being at least trebled – and possibly much much more – don’t risk Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister in this election, and elect a strong voice to stand up against him in case he is.