My team and I have been speaking to thousands of voters in this election on the doorstep already – with many voters telling me that they are even coming over and supporting Theresa May and the Conservatives for the first time!

If you have a local issue of your own though, and would like to get in touch with me and my team, you can get in touch by email at or please do get in touch with me by sending a message to my Peter Cuthbertson for Darlington page on Facebook.


Would you like to volunteer?

There is still time to help us change Darlington for the better in this campaign. If you are happy to join one of our teams as we head out and speak to voters in this final week, or would like to help us distribute some flyers to people within the community at a street stall or through people’s doors, please do get in touch! Every little bit will help us stand up for Britain and make sure we keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Number 10! Email me personally here at


Too busy?

Most important for every voter in Darlington is that they get out and vote this Thursday – the 8 June – or send in your postal ballot before Tuesday if possible! (Wednesday might make it, but let’s not take that chance)

Every single vote is going to count, and by voting for Theresa May you will be standing up for our country and helping us change Darlington for the better. I would really appreciate your support by simply voting on that day.


If you aren’t able to come out on the campaign trail with me, but would still like to show your support before voting, would you consider displaying a sign in your window? Or please do ‘like’ my Peter Cuthbertson for Darlington Facebook page – and share with your family and friends in Darlington too!


Thank you again so much for all of your support!