What I stand for

1. Greater visibility for police

Getting more police out of their offices and cars so they are patrolling a beat on foot

2. Slash needless bureaucracy and paperwork

Work with police and use new technology to cut red tape

3. Implement ‘broken windows’, zero tolerance policing

Tackling anti-social behaviour and so-called ‘low level’ crimes is key to making local communities safer

4. Campaign for much tougher sentences for serious, repeat offenders

Appeal to the Attorney General against lenient sentences and encourage prosecutors to pursue the toughest charges. Invest in victim support, assisting victims in making the most persuasive statements before the courts.

5. Avoid treating the motorist as a cash cow

Speed cameras should be used only to tackle serious speeding – not to get more revenue from the motorist

6. Go on patrol with local police at least one day per week

… and publish all expenses online